Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Spring Classes & Lectures Announced

The spring foraging season is just around the corner. I'm partnering with The Field Trip Society and Bainbridge Island Parks & Recreation to offer a variety of classes for beginner and intermediate foragers.

Due to high demand for these classes, some sold out immediately, before I could even post them here. I will try to offer more in coming months (stay tuned), although shellfish classes are largely dependent on tide schedules.

* For Bainbridge Island Parks & Rec classes, please call 206-842-2306 x1 to enroll or be put on a waiting list for future classes.

Slide Lectures


Jill said...

So I'm curious...I've followed your blog since you started. You've evolved way beyond being just a blogger, and this is obviously not your focus anymore. Question: Did all this come out of you being a blogger and putting it out there and getting noticed, or did you start the blog with an intentional purpose to use it as a platform for the books you wanted to write, etc.?

I ask as a fellow blogger. Thanks!

Langdon Cook said...

Hi Jill,
Good question. Unlike so many blog-to-book stories you hear these days, my first book, Fat of the Land, was already completed in draft form and accepted for publication before I decided to start a blog (with the same title). I wasn't at all sure of the demographics of my audience--or whether there would be an audience!--so the blog was an effort to find out--and connect. Hope that helps. Cheers -L